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The best things to do to slow wormer resistance

The most important thing to think about with wormer is animals build resistance over time. It is just like humans with antibiotics. So, ideally you want to minimise how often you need to give animals the drugs. There are several other things you can try to slow the build-up. We want to have a closer look at them today so you know what you should be doing with different types of livestock and horses. Continue reading


Important considerations cyclists must make for waterproof jackets

A waterproof jacket is critical for year-round cyclists, especially if you cycle on your commute to work. Before you buy one, there is much you need to know. Having one of these jackets in your wardrobe is a must. Cold weather and rain are inevitable. A decent jacket will safeguard you from both. Let’s discuss what you need to consider when choosing the right waterproofs. Continue reading

Animal feed

Improving transparency with animal feed

Today more and more people have a serious interest in what they eat. Many want to know what ingredients are in products and where they came from. Ideally they want everything to be traceable so they can ensure there is no harm to the environment. However, there can be an issue here; it can be difficult to get all the information they need about what goes into different animal feed. Let’s look at why it is a problem and how things could change. Continue reading