Animal feed

Key trends in animal feed for 2024

The expectation is the global animal feed market will grow to exceed £762bn by the end of the decade. A number of things will drive this, such as population growth pushing demand for food and other goods based on animals. At the same time, the demands of consumers are also changing. That includes more demands for sustainability. Continue reading


Choose wellies for long hours of work

Wellingtons are one of the best options for footwear if you work on farms or other dirty sites. They can keep your feet and trousers dry and clean, providing protection against water, muck, and more. You can typically wear them for a long time too so they can be great for a full workday. However, you need to think about some key things when choosing wellies. We want to look at them today. Continue reading

Animal health

The gut-brain connection’s significance in animals

Between the brain and the gut of animals, there lies a connection. This gut-brain connection is a complex network. It’s one capable of influencing the mental and physical wellbeing of farm animals. What we want to do is discuss this distinct relationship. Also, we intend to cover the role of probiotics in improving brain function and gut health. Then, if you need animal health products, we have a great range. Continue reading