Ritchie combiclamp


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Work Easier & Safer with the IMPROVED Combi Clamp

Take the backache out of sheep handling with the Ritchie Combi Clamp.

This revolutionary sheep handling system makes sheep handling easier, substantially reducing body stress for operators and animals.

The shepherd no longer has to struggle to restrain, hold or turn a sheep over for examination as the Combi Clamp operates “hands-free” allowing the shepherd time to deal with drenching, dagging, vaccinating or tagging all in one operation.

The innovative Combi Clamp system:

  • Suitable for left or right-handed operators
  • All steelwork hot-dip galvanized finish

Since 2009 the Combi Clamp has included galvanised sheet work on the ramp and a 3-way shedding gate with a sealed timber board on the clamp unit.


prices from 3750 plus vat

options available include weigh cells