Are you ready for snow?

Although winter doesn’t start officially until December, some parts of the UK have already had their first snow. Spots in the Scottish Highlands have, and parts of Scotland are predicted to get more this weekend. That means many people will be reaching for their wellingtons if they haven’t already. But, how good are they actually for when it snows? Let’s have a look.

The main issue

Easily the best thing about wellies is they keep your feet dry. This is vital in all kinds of weathers, including snow. However, it isn’t actually the main issue in winter. The major problem is the cold. It can result in aches and pains, as well as a variety of foot problems. Plus, it can make working in the weather dangerous.

Standard rubber wellington boots aren’t great for keeping your feet warm. What you actually need is a pair with a proper lining. This will help to trap in heat and keep the cold out. There are lots of options, but typically the best linings are neoprene, leather, or polyester. They can keep your feet warm, even when you need to trudge through deep snow.


The second important thing to look at with wellingtons in the snow is the sole. There is a huge risk of slipping and falling, whether it is fresh wet snow, ice and slush after it starts to melt, or a sheet of ice because it has frozen again. You need to ensure your boots have enough grip so you can walk around safely.

Two crucial things play a part in the amount of grip you will have. First is the type of material. The sole needs to be tough, durable, and grippy. In addition, you have to look at the tread profile. You want to ensure it will give you good traction and a low risk of slipping. Deep treads can be best here.


If you want your wellingtons to last, you need to take care of them when it is snowy. The moisture shouldn’t be an issue. However, things like salt and winter grim can cause problems. Luckily, it should be easy enough to clean them. A wipe down can often be enough. In some cases you may need a little more elbow grease and a brush. Just make sure you don’t use harmful cleaning products or excessive water.


A final tip is to make sure you wear the right socks. You’ll be in good shape if your boots have a lining to keep your feet warm. However, you can go one step further with socks. You need to think about the material and thickness here. Most importantly, you want your feet to be warm but not sweaty. So, choose socks that are breathable. Plus, think about the length. Ideally you want them so they come up past the top of your boots. It will prevent gaps that cold can get in.

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