Care instructions for waterproofs

Most farmers spend the majority of their time outside and can be at the mercy of the elements. In the UK that is never a good thing as rain is always a possibility. In addition there is a chance of getting wet when you are doing everything from cleaning vehicles and facilities to caring for animals. With all of that in mind, you need the right waterproofs to keep you as dry and warm as possible.

It doesn’t just end when you purchase good quality garments though. You then need to ensure you care for them properly. This can make the difference between them lasting a few weeks and giving you years of use.

The right balance

The thing to keep in mind here is you need to get the right balance when caring for your garments. Dirt and residue can build up over time and will have an impact on how breathable and waterproof each item is. So, you can’t simply just let them get filthy and avoid cleaning. However, if you clean the clothing incorrectly it can also cause them to fail. For example, machine washing on hot cycles with detergent is a bad idea. In fact, you are better leaving them dirty than doing this.

What you need to remember is waterproofs have very specific compositions of fibres in the materials. If you don’t care for them properly, you can strip the waterproof coating away. That is why you should avoid detergent. The chemicals in it can break down the material and ruin it. Heat can also do this, so hot cycles and tumble drying are unwise. Each one will damage the fabric.

What to do?

Generally the best thing to do here is to hang up your dirty waterproofs and let them dry. You can then brush off the mud and dirt. Next you may need to get a bucket of water or two. Put your garments in and slosh them around, focusing on any areas where there is still mud and dirt or stains. You can then take them out and hang them back up to dry, making sure air can get to them.

If you absolutely must machine wash garments, you should check the label for instructions and only do this infrequently. You have to stay away from detergent. In fact, you may need to clean out the compartment and run a cleaning cycle beforehand. This can get rid of any traces of detergents and fabric softener that may be in the machine.

Storing your waterproofs properly is also a big part of caring for them. You can’t simply roll them in a ball and throw them in the corner. Make sure they dry properly after each use and after cleaning. This will stop them from getting musty and mouldy. You should also make sure they are away from direct sunlight and get enough air around them.

Finally, if you notice a problem with the waterproofing you may be able to save your garments. In time the material may start absorbing water instead of repelling it. That means the protective coating is failing or has gone. You may be able to restore it though with a spray or washing powder.

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