Farm toys

Consider the brilliant options for tractor toys

As we get older, many of us lose our love for tractors. All it takes is being stuck behind one on a narrow country lane to sour us on them. However, children tend to universally love them and other massive vehicles like trucks and diggers. This makes them a really great choice if you are trying to decide what type of toy to give them. Farm toys in general can be a wonderful option, especially vehicles, animals, and buildings.

Why the fascination?

There are actually a number of interesting potential reasons for the obsession with tractors and other vehicles. Firstly is the fact they are simply larger than life. Children can be drawn to them purely because they are big, loud, flashy, and powerful. That makes them exciting so children want to engage with them.

Secondly, while they are big and noisy, large vehicles don’t feel dangerous or threatening. Some other bigger things can be scary, particularly monsters. But tractors, trucks, trains, and other things don’t instil any kind of fear; they encourage children to take control and play.

Thirdly, they inspire their imagination. Tractors and other vehicles can easily move around and do different things. So, there is endless fun and children will learn and develop as they are playing.

What to choose?

The best thing about tractors, farm toys, and other vehicles is there are so many different options. You can find suitable ones for every kind of age group.

A good place to start is with toys for children that are 18 months old. Here you can look at classic choices like Duplo sets, wooden tractors and animals, and even larger toys like ride-ons. Remember to keep safety in mind though. Don’t choose any products with sharp edges or small parts. Think about how they will wear down with use too.

As children get older they can enjoy more complex toys to help them develop key fine motor skills and more. Think about tractors and other vehicles like ploughs and balers that have more moving parts. They can get more creative with them and try small world play activities like running their own farm.

You can even get some quite special tractor toys. Most children love slime, modelling clay, and other things they can stretch and squish. You may be able to find some sets that include them as well as some tractors and animals.

Try our farm toys

If you want realistic farm vehicles, we have some really brilliant ones. We stock products from Bruder, one of the world’s leading brands. They specialise in producing highly detailed toys such as agricultural vehicles, construction equipment, and commercial vehicles. The realism is incredible, ensuring children can play with them and learn about how things really work.

So, if you want some wonderful farm toys for your child, have a look at the ones we have to offer. You can contact us for advice too.