Deciding on the height of your wellies

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A more difficult task than you think

Buying wellington boots can be harder than you expect it to be. It wasn’t too long ago that it was very simple. The ones available were pretty much the same. They were black or green rubber boots designed to keep your feet dry. Today though, various styles and brands exist. Some include insulation that keeps the feet warm. Others are made with long distance walking in mind. Some are just fashion accessories.

All of that makes it trickier to decide what to choose. Luckily, we can offer lots of help. What we want to focus on specifically here is the many wellington sizes and their advantages. Wellies usually come in three separate heights. These are tall, mid-height, and short/ankle designs. For you to get the most out of your boots, you will need the correct size.

Tall wellies

One of the advantages of tall wellingtons is that they are generally better for staying warm. We are not saying this simply because they cover more leg. The majority of manufacturers only create tall designs with insulation. Insulated short and mid-height boots are few and far between. Also, it is usually only the sole that has insulation here.

Another benefit is that they are the best for wet conditions. Tall boots go higher up our legs, meaning there is more protection from the water. Moreover, several tall boots come with a buckle or a kind of fastener at the top. You can tighten this to stop water from getting into them. It can be particularly helpful during heavy storms.

The last benefit of these boots is that they are the best for walking. At first, this may surprise you. It probably does not seem logical that boots with tall shafts would be comfortable on a walk. However, tall boots designed for walking won’t flap about on the legs. The foot area will also be flexible and firm.

Mid-height wellies

To start with, it is easy to put these wellingtons on and take them off. The gusset that comes with them is low enough that it is simple to slide each boot on and off. For the majority of mid-height designs, you won’t require aid from a shoe horn or boot jack.

Another advantage is that these wellies are appropriate for wide calves. In various instances, mid-height boots aren’t going to come as high as the widest section of the calf. If you have very big calves, ankle/short boots could suit you better.

Short wellies

One of the big advantages here is that they tend to be cheaper because you don’t need as much material to create the wellingtons. What’s more, the manufacturing and designing processes are less complex.

Most short wellies are simple waterproof boots. There aren’t many here that focus on the high end of the market. For instance, they might not have a lining of insulation. Some have an insole that possesses a fleece or faux fur lining, but the whole interior of the boot probably won’t have one.

We have multiple styles of wellingtons available

At JS Hubbuck Ltd, we have a great selection of footwear available. It includes Vierzonord, Purofort plus non safety and full safety, and Leon explorer ultra light wellies. Each one is reasonably priced and can offer excellent foot protection.

So, if you are looking to purchase reliable wellingtons, feel free to browse our site or contact us. We are happy to suggest boots if you let us know your day to day needs.