Do waterproofs work in the snow?

The right clothing is vital for working in different kinds of weather. However, a lot of people can’t decide what to wear when it snows. Are standard waterproofs enough? Or do you need something else? Let’s take a closer look here.

Great protection

A crucial thing to keep in mind is how waterproofing works. The idea is it doesn’t let water seep through. Instead the best fabrics make it bead and flow off. This in turn keeps the wearer dry.

Different types of fabric have differing levels of waterproofing. Some can only provide protection against light rain. Others won’t let moisture through even if there is a downpour. You need to think about this when you look at the conditions.

What type of snow?

Generally waterproofs can offer good protection against snow. However, there is a very important thing to keep in mind; the type of snow.

A lot of people don’t realise there are actually two different types of snow. The first is dry snow. You get it when the surface temperature is below freezing. It is powdery, lighter, and fluffier. Most importantly, it has a lower water content. That means it shouldn’t cause much trouble for your waterproof clothing.

The second type is wet snow. You get it when the surface temperature is above freezing. The conditions make it heavier, denser, and wetter because the flakes melt before they reach the ground. The most important thing is wet snow is sticky. That means it can adhere to clothes. Because it contains more water, it could exceed the waterproof rating of your garments. This is especially likely if it sticks and melts on your clothing.


The biggest issue with snow is actually the temperature. While waterproofs may be able to handle the moisture, they might not be great against the cold. This is especially true with thin, light garments. The best option will generally be to layer up, ensuring your waterproofs are the outer layer. You can then have warmer garments underneath to prevent the chill.

You need to think about this with your footwear too, especially if there are a few inches of snow on the ground and you need to walk through it. Normal wellies here might keep the water out but your feet can get cold quickly. The best thing to do is wear thick insulated socks. Or choose boots with a lining to keep the warmth in and cold out.

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