Do your wellies fit properly?

Have you ever taken your wellies off to find out that you’ve gotten blisters? Chances are your current footwear is too tight or too big. If you are in this situation, we can help. We’re going to discuss how you can ensure the size of your wellingtons matches up with your foot size. When we’re done, you will be able to get a better fit with ease.


One crucial thing to consider when shopping is sizing. If you end up with a pair that is too big, your feet will slip around inside them. Not only will this cause blisters, but your movements will become constricted as you walk. If the boots are too tight though, things will get uncomfortable quickly. Not only that, but you will end up with smelly and sweaty feet.

Boots that are too big will let the water in. Ones that are too tight won’t feel comfortable to wear. To ensure everything fits correctly, you have to try before you buy. If this isn’t an option for you, there are things you can look for to help you make the right decisions.

For one thing, the wellies should be snug around your feet. You shouldn’t have any additional space at the heel or toes. Also, your feet should feel comfortable in the boots without being overly tight. If your footwear is too tight, it can restrict your movement. You will find it more difficult to move or bend your feet.

Take a few steps

The leading way to tell if your wellingtons are too tight is to take some steps in them. If you feel as if they are squeezing your feet, you’re best off looking for other ones.

For anyone that has broad feet, this is trickier. Too tight boots can lead to problems on wider feet as well. It can be difficult to know whether your footwear is too small or big if you lack a similar pair to make comparisons with. Here is where it’s useful to take note of the measurements.

Sizing up

Right now, you are likely asking whether you should size up on wellies for a better fit. In truth, there isn’t a definitive answer. It comes down to the person and what sort of footwear they are purchasing. Some find that they have to size up on their boots to get a better fit. Others discover that sizing down provides them with a more comforting fit.

Everything depends on your personal preferences and what boots you buy. Let’s say you are getting wellingtons for general use. You’d be better off opting for a size that is moderately bigger than your shoe size. This will offer you enough room to move your feet around. You will have a more comfortable experience too.

Size down for certain activities

However, you could be buying boots for a certain activity, like hunting or fishing. Here, it would be preferable to size down. In these instances, wellies that are more snug and smaller will be more comfortable to wear. At the same time, you will get that extra grip in slippery and wet conditions. It can prove to be a massive benefit for those who need good traction in the snow or mud.

The best strategy for making your feet comfortable is finding boots that fit well. They need to be big enough to fit your feet without them being too tight or having too much extra space. They should feel comforting to wear without restricting your movements.

Wear them with your socks

To ensure your wellingtons fit comfortably, try wearing them with the socks you plan to wear. Put them on indoors for a few minutes. See to it that there is enough space around your toes for you to wiggle them. Moreover, you should take into account where they will fit on your calves. Wellies that are too tight at the top will pull and pinch your skin. This is not the nicest experience.

Finally, remember that boots stretch as time passes after you wear them in the mud or water. Remember to go with a size that feels comfortable now, not before you wear them.

Shop with us for wellingtons

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