Farm toys

Farm toys teach children about important roles

Most children love animals. So, farm toys can be a really great choice. They can learn all about cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and more, including the noises they make and how to take care of them. Playing also inspires imagination and can help kids build essential skills. Parents should be encouraging here.

Another great reason to give children a toy farm is they can learn about all the different jobs people can have and why they are important. It will help them to see how society in general works, with multiple people working together and having an impact on each other. This massively broadens their awareness of the world.


There are a number of different jobs your child can have fun imitating. For example, they could be a farmer raising livestock. Here they will need to take care of the animals, including feeding them, putting them in the barn when the weather is bad, and more.

Or, they could be a farmer raising crops. This can require the use of several different vehicles, including tractors, ploughs, combine harvesters, and more. They may even have vehicles for taking the crops to market. Children can enjoy driving all of these and learning about what they do. You can choose really great farm toys here that are good representations of each kind of vehicle.

There could also be jobs associated with farming to explore. An important one is vets. They are crucial for ensuring animals are healthy and happy. So, it is a really good idea for children to learn about them.

The different jobs are even better when children start playing together. It means they can each take on various roles and ensure the farm works, just like in the real world.

What to choose?

The great thing about farm toys in general is there is so much choice. You could go for basic wooden animals, people, and vehicles. Or you could have a full plastic set with realistic scale buildings and animals. It depends on what you prefer and the age of the children.

There are some crucial things to keep in mind here. The best option is to choose toys that have great tactile and sensory features. They should feel good to play with and help develop fine motor skills. However, they also need to be safe. Education value is important too.

Do you want to look for realistic farm toys?

At JS Hubbuck Ltd we have a real passion for farming. We’ve been involved in it for generations, first as a fertiliser supplier and today as a reliable expert with a massive range of products. We even have stunning toys to help children learn about farm vehicles and jobs.

So, if you want to give your child some really great farm toys, have a look at a couple on our website. Or, contact us to find out more and ask about suitability.