Farm toys

Farm toys – Why should every child play with them?

Young children start learning by playing with their toys. This is how they begin experiencing the world and developing important life skills. Plus, it helps them to improve their imagination. Farm toys are always a really wonderful option. They can be fun and educational, whether you choose animals, farm playsets, tractors and machinery, or a mix of them all.

Sensory skills

One of the best things here is your child will get opportunities to develop their sensory skills. They will be able to physically touch the different toys, getting used to the shapes. If there are different textures and materials it can be even better because it provides more variety.

Fine motor skills

Playing with farm toys is also excellent in terms of how it can develop fine motor skills. Animals, playsets with moving parts, and vehicles can all be really good at teaching movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists. They can be very precise, especially with smaller moving pieces.

Plus, your child will improve their ability to grasp and grip different objects. It will develop their hand-eye coordination while they are playing. This will come in handy when they start doing more with their hands.

Teaching tools and communication

Children are naturally inquisitive and ready to explore the world. Animal toys are always a great place to start. You can use them to help your child identify different animals and tell you what they are called, what noises they make, and more. They will naturally ask questions and want to know more. Plus, you can teach them how important the animals are for the products they give us, whether is it milk from cows or wool from sheep.

Build their imagination

Your child can set up their own animal centric world and role play if you give them farm toys. They can do everything from controlling the animals to driving tractors and machinery around. You could even get them to set up something like a petting zoo. There are no limits on what they can dream up here.

Social skills

If you sit with your child and play with the toys or they have a sibling or friend to play with, it can also teach social skills. One of the most important here is sharing. It can also show how working together can help things like farms function.

Browse for farm toys or ask us

There are plenty of fantastic farmyard toys to choose from. Wooden ones are a great starting point for young children, especially if they have things like fur to provide more sensory stimulation. Real scale vehicles are great too because they can learn about how they move and work.

If you do want to buy some really fantastic farm toys, we have some of the best ones. Vehicles from Bruder are exact scale replicas with moving parts. You can browse for some on our site or speak to us if you are looking for specific things.