Animal feed

Five ways to boost sustainability in agriculture

There is a lot of attention on the agriculture industry at the moment. It is facing a number of challenges, including ensuring food supplies to cater for a growing global population. At the same time it has to think about the environment, the livelihood of producers, and health and wellbeing of animals. There are a number of ways to make the whole industry more sustainable while achieving the variety of goals. We want to have a look at them here, then if you need animal feed and other products, you can rely on us.


The first thing to do is ensure that growers and producers are more responsible with their sourcing. They should be looking at the impact and choosing suitable products. Is it viable to use animal feeds or fertilisers that are harmful to the environment? Ideally they should know where the products come from as well as how sustainable they are. Plus, they should ensure they understand the full impact of using them.


Often food production is done at the expense of the natural environment. We just have to look at places like Brazil or Mexico to see this. Deforestation is a big issue in both countries as land is cleared for farming, whether it is livestock or things like avocados. The harm to the environment can cause huge problems, including rising temperatures.

The way to tackle this is to focus on regenerative agriculture. It should work to keep soil healthy and protect forests. Things like managing grazing and growing cover crops can be a big help.

Circular ingredients

An interesting idea is to reduce how much animal feed we produce by using ingredients that are already available. For example, we could use food waste from restaurants instead of throwing it away.


We can go a step further by innovating new ways to feed animals. There could be countless other things out there that we could use to ensure livestock gets the right amount of nutrition. Innovation can extend to new ways to grow crops too. However, the innovations also need to make agriculture financially viable. New tech and methods should be as accessible as possible.

Feeding efficiently

Finally, it is important to be efficient with feeds. The goal for all farmers should be to keep waste to an absolute minimum. What was the point in even a small impact on the environment if the feed gets thrown away? So, it is important to manage feed effectively. This involves ordering what you need, storing it properly to minimise spoilage, and carefully measuring how much is given to animals to limit waste.

Do you want animal feed?

The five things above could have a massive impact on the whole agriculture world. Most importantly, the goal should be to keep everything efficient and sustainable. Overall, everyone should have an eye on the environment to make sure farming is not causing harm.

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