How to clean inside and outside your wellies

The whole point of wellingtons is they get muddy so your feet don’t. However, you can’t just leave them caked in mud. If you do, it can damage the materials, causing them to stiffen and crack. That can make them uncomfortable to wear and leave your feet getting wet and muddy.

So, what you need to do is ensure you clean your wellies properly. We have some useful tips here to help you.


Firstly, you should get into the habit of rinsing your boots regularly. Ideally you should do it every day to get rid of mud, muck, and any other contaminants. It is especially important if you have been using any farm chemicals.

On top of that you should occasionally clean the wellingtons meticulously. Start by using a brush to rub off any excess dry mud from all parts of the boots, including the tread.

Next you need to wipe down the wellies with a wet cloth. Warm water is best because it can help to loosen stubborn dirt. Always start from the top of your boots and work down; you don’t want to be wiping muck from the bottom up the sides.

If there is still dirt you can use a small amount of dishwasher detergent. Always avoid strong detergents and solvents as they can damage the boots, whether they are rubber or neoprene. Wipe the boot down again, using a little more elbow grease if you need to. But, don’t use the cloth on the soles. You are better using a toothbrush here to get between the treads.

One thing you may see with rubber wellingtons is a white film or powder developing. It is known as blooming and happens when insoluble particles rise to the surface of the material. While it doesn’t look nice, it does not harm the durability of your boots. You can often get rid of it by using the cleaning process above. In some cases you may need a silicone spray.


You have only done half the job once the outside of the boots is clean. Next you need to tackle inside. This is a good idea to help prevent them from getting smelly. Bacteria loves growing in dark, moist places, so your wellies will be the perfect spot if you don’t clean inside.

You can use a little non-bio detergent in warm water here. Just use a cloth and a small amount of the mix to wipe the whole of the inside of the boot. Don’t use too much; you don’t want to leave your wellingtons soaking as it can take time for inside to dry.

Next you need to use a cloth to dry inside the boots. Make sure you get rid of all moisture and the materials are bone dry.

If the wellies smell, you can use white vinegar in warm water. It can kill bacteria and help to get rid of odour. Baking soda is also a good trick. You can put a few spoons of it in each boot and leave it overnight.

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