Farm toys

Keeping plastic toys clean and disinfected

Our family run business has supplied agricultural products to clients for decades. Over time, we’ve expanded our inventory. Today, you can find a broad range of farming and agriculture items. This also includes farm toys. If your kids need a distraction or if they want to learn more about farming, they can be a big help.

Toys, germs, and allergens

To children, toys are among their most valuable possessions. Depending on how old they are, kids can chew, sleep with, and lick them. Not surprisingly, many parents fear they are germ-infested. Besides viruses and bacteria, toys can hold mould or allergens, alongside grime and dirt. But, they are necessary evils for a quiet and peaceful home.

So, the question isn’t whether you should clean these objects or not. It’s how to go about it and how frequently. What we want to discuss here is how you can clean toys effectively and safely. Such information will help you keep the family safe. At the same time, your child’s toys will look and work at their best.

How to clean

In terms of what the best way to clean a toy is, it depends on the types you have. They can be made of a multitude of materials. With farm toys, they are often plastic or wood. We’re going to focus on the first specifically.

Thankfully, plastic toys are the easiest to disinfect and clean. One way to do it is with disinfecting wipes. Start by washing or wiping off visible grime and dirt. Following this, use wipes to disinfect and clean every piece. Ensure you follow the contact time on the packet for sufficient disinfection. If the toy in question is one your kid would put in their mouth, rinse it using clean water once it air dries.

Another solution here would be using a dishwasher top rack. For small toys, put them in a mesh bag to stop them moving during the washing procedure. With bigger toys, you can nestle them securely between the lines. Choose the sanitising or normal cycle, and towel or air dry any toys that fail to come through dry.

You could also try a bleach solution. Mix a half cup of it and a gallon of water. Then, you can soak the toys for five minutes at least. Let the toys air dry thoroughly after. Rise them using water and air dry them again to make certain all the bleach solution goes away. Be very careful here though.

The frequency of cleaning

There isn’t a rule on how frequently you need to clean, whether it is farm toys or any others. It all depends on how often your kids play with them and where they use them. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • A toy your child takes to the park constantly will need more frequent cleans than something that is always at home.
  • In addition, a toy your kid sleeps with is one you’ll have to wash more than something they only use once a week.
  • Bath and plastic toys they play with daily need washing once a week at least.
  • Baby toys that get dropped on the floor or chewed need washing daily or every other day.

Beyond this

Outside the guidelines we’ve given here, you should clean daily whenever your child is sick. Do the same when they are noticeably filthy, and straight after a playdate when other kids have played with the toys.

Toys are a great way of entertaining and educating children. At the same time, they can be germ-spreading vessels. By participating in regular cleaning, you can lower the dangers of sickness and keep them in excellent condition.

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