Make sure your wellingtons fit and are comfortable

When wellingtons fit properly and are comfortable to wear you can keep them on for hours without a care. However, if the fit is bad or they are uncomfortable, you won’t last long. So, you need to make sure you choose the right boots. Read on for some advice about the styles and how to get a better fit.

Three main styles

While wellies can come in a huge range of styles and sizes, you will want to look at three main ones.

Firstly, are classic fit boots. They are the traditional style you will instantly picture when you think wellingtons. What you will have is roomy boots that you can easily tuck your trousers or waterproofs in to.

A second option is mid calf. They aren’t as tall as the classic design, but can still offer great protection against mud and water. They are a great choice for warmer weather when tall boots might get uncomfortable. A lot of these boots also have extra cushioned soles.

Finally is neoprene lined boots. They are an upgrade on classic ones because of the thicker sole and firmer tread. What you have is wellies that are great for all kinds of terrain, including uneven fields and yards.

Getting a better fit

When you first put on a pair of wellingtons they can feel a little strange. You likely won’t be used to the oversize fit and sturdy material. Even if you are, a new pair of boots can take a bit of wear and some extra steps to fit properly.

The first thing to do here is make sure the fit is snug but not too tight. You want support but they shouldn’t be squeezing your feet or calves uncomfortably. A good tip here is to think about what socks you will be wearing. It can be a wise idea to go a half size bigger if you are planning to wear thicker socks.

Wearing new wellies in is a really good idea. You probably won’t want to go straight to a full day of work in a fresh pair. That could lead to blisters. A better idea is to wear them in a little for shorter periods first. It will give the materials a chance to stretch slightly and better suit your feet. You will then be more comfortable when you need to wear wellingtons for longer.

In some cases it can be a good idea to get extra insoles too. They can give you some more comfort, support, and grip. You can also choose soles if you have specific needs like arch support or ones to help with plantar fasciitis.

The most crucial thing here is to get it so your boots fit nicely. Too loose and you’ll be struggling after a few hours on your feet. Too tight and you won’t be able to do much work at all. You may even experience foot conditions like bunions, achilles tendinitis, and more.

Buy high quality wellingtons

If you work in agriculture in any way or other professions like keeping horses, you will want boots you can rely on. We appreciate this and work to provide some of the finest products on the market. This includes wellies from some of the best brands.

You can browse some of the wellingtons we have to offer on our website. Alternatively, you can come and visit us to view more. We are also happy to offer suggestions if you want to contact us.