Making waterproofs last longer

Whatever job you do, you’ll want your work clothes to last as long as possible. It is even more important if they are expensive to buy in the first place. You don’t want to be facing the prospect of replacing them after a couple of wears. Plus, you don’t want to be in a situation where they stop offering the right level of protection. This is especially vital in terms of waterproofs for farming. What we want to do is offer some tips here to help you make them last.


Firstly, it is important to look at what you wear in different seasons. You will likely have winter work clothes that are thicker to keep you warm and dry. However, when spring and summer come around you probably swap them for lighter ones.

The vital thing here is to ensure you are storing your waterproofs properly when you put them away for the season. You don’t want to come back to them in the future to find they are falling apart. Correct storage is crucial, including ensuring they are dry, clean, and not crammed in the back of a cupboard.


It is likely you will need to clean your garments a few times during the season. Keeping on top of it with regular wipes is a really good idea. This will get rid of mud and anything else that could harm the material in time.

In addition, at some point you may need to give them a cycle in the washing machine. You need to be very careful here though as normal detergent can damage the waterproof material. In some cases it can disintegrate it entirely. So, it is a good idea to run the machine first with just water to get rid of any residue. Then, choose a product specifically for waterproofs. Always wash at 30 degrees or lower too.

Hydrophobic spray

In time waterproof clothing can start to fail. You can see this if more and more water starts to get through. However, that doesn’t always mean it is time to replace it. You can actually use hydrophobic spray to restore it. The sprays can create a new layer that will repel water. Some products also work well to stop oil and other liquids.

A good tip here is to test your clothing every few months to see how the waterproofing is working. Try splashing some water on to see how it behaves. If it gathers in small drops, the material is blocking it from absorbing. If not, you should apply the spray.

Order waterproofs from us

As you can see, how you care for your clothing is the most important thing if you want it to last longer. It also helps to buy high quality garments to start with. Ideally you want those with materials that have been engineered specifically for waterproofing. They should also have other features to keep out moisture, including good seams.

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