Making your wellies last

With wellingtons, it is vital to know how long they will last. By having this knowledge, you will be ready when it comes to buying your next pair. You will be able to buy with confidence you can rely on the boots before having to replace them. That is crucial whether you use them for working in the fields, hiking, or anything else.

What we’re going to do here is discuss how long wellies last and how you can make them go the distance. Crucially, you must make certain that they are well preserved for them to give you as much use as possible.

The general recommendation is that your boots should last around two or three years. However, this depends on how much you wear them. Plus, you need to think about the materials and how you store them.

If you are someone that only wears the boots for a few hours during heavy snow or rain, you might need to replace them every few years. However, you might be someone who wears them each day in the winter to travel between places. Here, two years is more realistic. If you wear them for working, particularly in fields or with livestock, you might wear a pair out within a year.

What causes wear?

As for what causes wellingtons to wear out, there are a few things that are responsible. The most common issue is the friction of the material against itself while you move in them. It results in the boots loosening up, stretching out, and breaking down. The soles tend to wear because of repeat use. This will happen most often when you walk on hard surfaces.

Another cause of wear with wellies is moisture. The materials are designed to withstand it. However, if it gets inside the boots and you don’t let them dry out, it can cause big issues. Damp boots are dream homes for bacteria thank to the moist, dark environment. This can lead to problems like feet conditions and foul smells.

One other issue moisture can cause is your soles coming loose from the upper section of your boots. Here, the moisture breaks down the glue holding the two pieces together. So, a little bit of movement or pressure can cause them to part ways.

How do I make them last longer?

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make your wellingtons last longer. One straightforward solution is cleaning and treating them each time you take them off. It is essential that you clean all the dirt and mud off following each use. Do this even if they don’t seem filthy. It will stop bacteria from accumulating and causing problems.

Additionally, you should add a waterproofing agent like oil or wax. Do so every time you clean them. It will help keep the material safe from damage due to water seeping in and wetness inside.

One last thing is that you need to take good care of the soles. Make it a point to clean out any small rocks or gravel in the tread prior to wearing them. It can reduce the amount of wear.

It is essential to ensure your footwear is well protected and cleaned. This way, they can last longer, depending on how often you wear them. If you have worn down soles or massive holes in the bottom, you need to get replacements. With new boots, you can better protect yourself from the cold and damp.

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