Seeking new and alternative fertilisers

The use of fertiliser is a major topic at the moment. It is vital for food safety, however overuse, poor management, high prices, and supply issues all cause problems. As a result, there is a lot of work to find new and alternative fertilisers. The UK Government recently announced they will help with this.

New funding

During the recent AIM for Climate Summit in Washington DC, over 20 countries came together to discuss the Agriculture Breakthrough collaboration. A major announcement here was the UK would provide £3m of funding for the USA’s Global Fertiliser Challenge. The aim is to develop new fertilisers that will actually help the environment.

The funding from the UK will support the Efficient Fertiliser Consortium. It will involve the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research. The goal will be to research efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly fertilisers. It will also look at management practices and how they can also help farmers and the environment.

A major goal here is to accelerate the creation and implementation of clean tech. The hope is it will make agriculture more sustainable around the world. At the same time, it would improve climate resilience. The hope is farmers everywhere will be able to adopt it by 2030.

Mark Spencer, the UK’s Defra Farming Minister had some comments at the summit. He said that innovation was crucial here. He also stated that it was vital for governments from around the world to participate. It would help to share expertise about growing in different climates and conditions. Plus, it could create best practice guides.

What does it mean for fertiliser use?

Hopefully the funding, research and collaborations will yield fantastic results. It could see countries move away from fertilisers that have ingredients that are harmful to the environment. For example, while nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are important for plant growth, they can also harm the environment. This can happen during production, transportation, and use. Alternatives could be much cleaner as well as more sustainable.

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