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Small world play is highly beneficial to a child’s development

Ours is a family run business that excels in providing a large range of agricultural items. This includes everything from clothing and feed products to trailers. Also, we supply several farm toys to help keep the youngsters busy. In addition to being fun, they can be educational by teaching the kids about how farms work.

With Christmas just around the corner, our thoughts naturally turn towards toys for the kids. If you are like most other parents, you’ll want something that inspires imaginative, creative play. At the same time, the toys will need to increase development and learning for expanding minds. In that case, you should look towards small world play. We want to talk about this topic in more detail here.

What is small world play?

Small world play enables kids to act out scenarios in a compact play scene. These are created using small objects and figures. Typically there will be a specific theme depending on what the child’s interests are.

You can use toys and everyday items around your home to create the small world play scenes. By introducing some extra materials, you can take the fun and learning even further. Small world landscapes can introduce more sensory layers to the creative play.

One of the simplest but most interactive small world scenes to produce is a farm. There are lots of boys and girls that enjoy feeding and looking after their animal figures. Making animal noises is also an enjoyable part of the experience.

You can layer everyday play with farm toys and common items to ease development and learning. This way, children will be able to act out in more realistic environments. They can apply everyday learning to these scenes too.

No two small worlds will be identical either. Whenever a child partakes in small world play, the experience can be different. As they grow up, it will become more complex as well.

Understanding the world

Perhaps the most important aspect of small world play is that children get to understand the world. They will have the opportunity to explore where it is they live, and all the roles everyone plays. They can see what happens when someone visits a farm, and how this differs from their school setting.

Some kids could be anxious about their first visit to a farm. If so, small world play will permit parents to dispel any of their fears. You can work through some scenarios, going over what occurs at a farm using toys and figures. You can act the visit out then and there.

Cause and effect

With small world play, kids are free to learn about cause and effect as well. This is while they manipulate and experiment with different objects.

It also gives children a meaningful way of developing and learning whilst having fun. While they are mastering their world, children produce new competencies. That will result in the resilience they’ll need later in life and improve confidence.

The next time you think about purchasing toys, prioritise ones representing real-life landscapes. This will let you stimulate role play.

Purchase high quality farm toys

At JS Hubbuck Ltd, we understand how important toys can be to a child’s development. There are various options to choose from. One of the best starting points for younger children would be wooden ones. Then you can move on to real scale vehicles to help children learn about their movement and functionality.

So, if you would like to purchase farm toys, you are welcome to browse some items on our website or speak to us directly. We only stock quality items from well known manufacturers.