Some easy ways to dry out wet wellingtons

The main idea with wellingtons is they keep your feet dry, especially when you work in really wet settings. Some also have linings to make sure your feet stay warm. However, there is always the problem of the hole at the top. When the water gets too high, it can spill in. That leaves you with waterlogged boots. Luckily, there are ways you can dry them out.

Think about the lining

The most important thing to keep in mind here is the kind of lining in the boots. If they are basic wellies with no lining, it is relatively easy to dry them out. A good trick is to roll up some newspaper and stuff it in the boots. It will soak up the water to dry them. You just need to replace it occasionally.

While linings like neoprene are great for keeping your feet warm, if water gets in it can be much harder to dry them out. The newspaper trick can still work, but you might need to do a little more.

Heat source

The best thing you can do with lined wellingtons is to put them somewhere warm. This could be in front of a radiator or in an airing cupboard. If you have a range cooker or an AGA, you can put the boots near it to warm up.

Absorbent products

The key thing here is to choose something absorbent to put in the boots. Newspaper can work, but there are other options.

Some people swear by rice. The idea is if you can use it to dry electronics like mobile phones, you can use it in footwear. You just need to be careful to replace it regularly so it doesn’t make a big mess.

Nappies are designed to absorb a lot of liquid. More importantly, they lock it in. So, they can be really good at soaking up water in wellingtons. However, they are more costly and aren’t as eco-friendly as basic newspaper.

Other tips

Hopefully those tips can help you to dry out your wellies easily next time they get waterlogged. You can also do a number of things to reduce the risk of water getting in. A good idea is to have your waterproof pants over the top rather than tucked into your boots. You can tuck the layer beneath in, but keep the outer one out.

There are also wellie toppers. They fit around the top of your boots and have elastic so you can pull them tight. Think of it the same as pulling the drawstring to tighten a hood. This means the top of the wellies won’t be fully open to invite water in.

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