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Teach your toddler to tidy up

Are you tired of packing away loads of toys following a play session? If so, having your little ones help can be a good idea. Teaching your toddlers to tidy up may seem like an impossible task. But, getting into a routine can have lasting benefits beyond simply offering a helping hand. It’s important to foster an organised play setting for children. What we are going to do is discuss this subject in detail so you know all the important information. Then you can look to us if you want some incredible farm toys.

More confidence and independence

Tidying up and packing toys away gives toddlers a sense of self-confidence. There will be pride, responsibility, and independence too. This is especially true when you give them encouragement and praise. It teaches youngsters how to value their possessions and operate as a team. They will have the chance to learn how to count, sort, and group objects.

It’s possible to make tidying up fun for children by producing a cleaning playlist. Fill it with their favourite songs. As you go, they can also dress up and act out silly storylines. If they have siblings, organise a contest. Try using a cleaning relay to divide up the tasks. When they succeed, provide some small rewards.

For parents curious about what age their kids should start tidying up, it’s not something they will master overnight. What you should do is introduce them to the concept of tidying and cleaning at an age between 18 months and 2 years. At this stage, they’re developing their cognitive abilities and motor skills. So, it’s a great time to familiarise them with tidying up.

Age-appropriate tasks

It’s best to keep things simple with cleaning, ensuring safety. Begin with jobs like putting their farm toys away and putting clothes in the washing machine. You can even have them wipe away spills using cloths. Things won’t be perfect and you might need to help out. However, the act of tidying and cleaning will teach them life skills they’ll take into adulthood.

Is clutter bad?

Clutter has the potential to fuel higher levels of cortisol. This leads to kids and toddlers feeling anxious, stressed, and overstimulated. Research indicates clutter can negatively influence children with regards to concentration and focus. It can have an impact on their wellbeing too, causing temper tantrums and frustration.

The thing to keep in mind is kids will be messy. The goal isn’t to have a squeaky clean house all the time. Instead, you need a property that’s reasonably organised for your toddlers to play and excel in.

Refusing to clean

There will of course be toddlers who refuse to clean. When they resist, they will usually be rather vocal about it. Forcing them to do things when they are in this state won’t help anyone. Instead, you should try using certain strategies.

One of the best things to do is to empathise. Tell your child you understand how they are feeling about not wanting to clean up. At the same time, tell them why it is important. By affirming their emotions, they will feel more supported and understood. It will help motivate them to do the job.

Secondly, you can offer them choices. Give them a degree of control by letting them select between multiple tasks.

Finally, you can praise and encourage them. Use positive reinforcement to help them feel appreciated. It will compel them to do a good job.

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