The difference between windproof and waterproof jackets

No outdoor outfit would be complete without a decent jacket. The problem is that there are many options and styles to pick from. A lot of people struggle to tell waterproof and windproof jackets apart. But, both come with distinct attributes that you need to know about. We are going to discuss the differences between the two jacket types here. This way, you will understand them better and be able to choose great waterproofs.

Waterproof jackets

These are pieces of outerwear that safeguard against snow, rain, and other damp conditions. The majority of the jackets utilise materials or fabrics with waterproof coatings. These are ones capable of repelling moisture. They stop it from penetrating the exterior of the fabric and getting to your skin. The fabrics come with microscopic pores. They prevent liquid droplets from getting through. At the same time, they are big enough that sweat vapour can escape outward.

Waterproof protection relies on several elements. They include construction technique, testing standards, and material choice. These can have an impact on the conditions you can endure, whether it is rain showers and drizzles or storms and torrential downpours. The best waterproofs can protect you even in extreme conditions.

Windproof jackets

On the other hand we have outerwear that keeps you safe from gusts of wind and cold air. They block it and supply insulation. As a result, you will stay warm and cosy on those days when you need another layer.

A windproof jacket’s performance is based on being made with multi-layer fabrics or dense materials. These are combinations to specifically generate high down resistance against strong airflow. Moreover, it actively aids in shielding your body heat, stopping it from escaping. It blocks the wind chill and stops inward-moving pockets between the layers where convection cooling can happen.

Different jackets, different benefits

Waterproofs and windproofs share some characteristics. However, both provide several different benefits and features for the wearer. In the end, the main distinction between raincoats, hoods, and umbrellas lies with their purpose. Some protect you on wet days. Others offer insulation against windy weather.

Waterproof jackets are the best if you need protection from the wet in sleet, snow, or rain. Additionally, they provide overall warmth and comfort. This can help in maintaining the body’s optimum temperature. So, the danger of hypothermia decreases. There is often breathability as well to enable the escape of perspiration. Overall, you have garments you can rely on when you are out walking or working in bad conditions.

Wind-resistant jackets utilise densely woven fabrics capable of trapping air and blocking out gusts. They tend to be thinner than waterproof ones. That can be useful, meaning you can choose a light jacket that will still protect you against cold winds while you are out working.

Choose waterproofs you can rely on

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