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Toddler toy organisation done right

Managing a toddler’s toys can seem like a troubling task. From softer kinds to tractors and other farm toys, the ones scattered all over your property can cause a mess. We want to go over practical solutions to aid you in organising everything. By doing this, you can reclaim some much-needed room in your home. With these simple but effective tricks, we will help you declutter in ways that foster creativity and play. At the same time, we will help you keep a level of calm and order.

Involve the child

The first thing you need to do is involve your child. This is something countless parents do. Plus, don’t push the kids beyond their limit by trying to do things all in one day. Rather, you should dedicate a small amount of time every week to tackling the mess.

Make it a game

You also have to make things fun instead of making it feel like a punishment. One thing you can try is a beat the timer game. Set your timer for say 15 minutes and concentrate only on picking toys up and putting them away. Once the timer goes off, you can see who packed more things away. A prize always helps.

Another good idea is to do a scavenger hunt cleaning game. Create a list of the normal items you want your kids to pick up. While you clean, they can hunt for what is on their list. They can then ensure it is where it belongs before ticking it off.

Using toys to clean up others is also a good suggestion. Load books and small toys into a dump truck or toy wagon and move them to where they need to be. Farm toys can be really good here, especially if you have things like trailers and tractors.

See what they don’t play with anymore

Downsizing the toy box might be a good idea too. Children develop rapidly. It’s vital to regularly go through their toys and dispose of anything they are not interested in or outgrown. Feeling sentimental about some toys is normal, but decluttering tends to begin with handling those overflowing toy boxes. Donating or passing them onto friends are good suggestions. You can involve the child took by explaining why donations will help other children.

Organise by type

Try organising toys by type as well. Dividing them into categories can help preserve organisation. Not to mention, you can speed up cleaning and keep track of everything. The goal here is to restrict the choices within every toy category, like farm toys, puzzles, and the rest. This will make it easier for children to pick one toy at a time.

Easy and clever storage ideas

We’ll finish by discussing a couple of easy and clever toy storage ideas. One suggestion we have is thinking beyond the toy box. You could use bookshelves instead. It will encourage you and the children to be more orderly. Everything will be visible, so it is far simpler for kids to see all their toys and get to them. Plus, things won’t get lost at the bottom like they would with a box.

Try making use of hanging storage too. A simple but effective approach would be to use shoe organisers. You can put these inside a wardrobe or hang them behind a door. Having a designated area for toys, with a limited amount of pockets, will prevent them from taking over the property.

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