Farm toys

Toy safety done right

Lots of toys are made with safety in mind. No toy is entirely safe though. Misused ones or those that break can become dangerous. Thankfully, there are tips out there to help you choose and maintain safety. We are going to go over them to help you stay on top of everything, then if you want farm toys, you can ask us.

Age grading

For safety reasons, toys are age-graded. The grades work as guidelines that mirror the toy’s safety. They consider choking risks and how well a child can understand how to use them. Also, there is the abilities, needs, and interests at differing stages of a child’s development, and the physical skills one needs to play with the toy. So, opt for toys that match your child’s skills and age.

How old is it?

Wear and tear can make the safest toys dangerous. So, avoid older wooden toys with chipped paint and rough edges. Some old toys can be hazardous because of the materials that were popular when they were made too. For example, paint on old metal cars may contain lead. Always have a think about this and favour newer toys made of natural materials.


See to it that you watch for toy dangers too; you can find these with farm toys as well as any other kind. Things like sharp edges and points are big risks. Toys for older kids can have features capable of hurting small children. In addition, stay away from any that are thin plastic capable of easily breaking. Don’t give babies and toddlers toys with metal parts either.

Small parts

An important piece of advice is don’t give toys with any small pieces to kids age 3 or younger. Ensure that there aren’t any, or pieces that can be broken off. In addition, softer toys should be big enough that the child can’t swallow them.

Loud noises

Toys making loud or shrill noises can harm your child’s hearing. So, read warnings to understand how to safely use them.

Cords and strings

These are another big safety concern. Toys with strings or cords longer than 7 inches can harm young children and babies. Don’t hang toys with ribbon, cord, and string in playpens or cribs.

Flying and projectiles

Toys capable of flying or shooting projectiles can injure eyes. Most importantly, steer clear from any that are capable of firing things not meant for use with the toy. If you let your kids use toys that shoot objects, have them wear safety glasses so they have protection.


The major issue here is a magnet could come off a toy and the child could then swallow it. This can cause serious problems. Therefore, young kids shouldn’t play with magnets, whether they are on farm toys or other items. If older children play with toys that have them, warn them about placing magnets in their mouth.

Keeping toys safe

We’ll finish by talking about how to keep toys safe. One thing you need to do is store them somewhere safely. Put everything away and off the floor when it’s not in use. If you own a toy chest, it should come with air holes and be easily openable from the inside. See that the lid has a support that will hold it open in any position. You might prefer a lid that fully comes off.

Inspect toys frequently for damage. Watch for sharp edges and splinters. If you repaint anything, use new paint as older ones can contain lead. Look for rust on the outside of toys. Read the toy instructions to your child and explain them. Make sure you keep them just in case too.

Start playing with incredible farm toys

At JS Hubbuck Ltd, we know all about safety. In fact, we can help people to be safe in a variety of areas. This includes farming, storing dangerous materials like fertilisers, using different vehicles, and more. It even extends to playing and leisure.

We have several farm toys available. So, if your kids want to learn more about the world of farming, they are a good place to start. You can find out more about them on our website or by getting in touch with us.