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Toy storage in smaller spaces

Small living spaces are excellent for keeping maintenance and cleaning to a minimum. Also, they encourage family togetherness. Storage on the other hand is a different story. Having the kids’ toys in family living spaces is good since they can interact with others. But, it can get to a point where things seem overwhelming. In this post, we are going to discuss viable storage ideas for smaller spaces. Then you can come to us for quality farm toys if you want them.

Furniture doubling as storage

The first idea is having furniture that doubles as storage. There are a lot of options here. Benches that open up are a decent place to put your child’s toys or books when you must store them. End tables with cupboards or drawers underneath or coffee tables are also possibilities. These furnishings can make all the difference for the spaces.

Woven baskets

When you lack space to tuck everything away, you can buy some woven or wicker baskets for storage. Small ones can go behind furniture or into corners. This is without making your adult space look too childish. Get your kids involved too by having them pick baskets they like. Just make sure you have enough space for everything, including farm toys.

Plastic tubs with lids

With the third idea, you can use tubs with lids for easy stacking. Buying several small ones for toys is essential for most families. You have the option of labelling every tub with a picture or word to aid your kids in knowing what each one is for.

Look behind the sofa

Something else you can try is creating space behind your sofa. Let’s say you have one that is pushed flush against a wall. If so, think about pulling it out a little and putting toys behind it. For those that have an open floor plan, you are still able to place bigger toys behind the furniture. Things won’t be out of sight, but they won’t be underfoot in high traffic spots.

Shoe racks

Using these racks for toys is also a great idea. Hanging a rack on the back of a bedroom door or closet can give you storage for smaller toys and figures. A sliding shoe rack that you can put on a closet door has much the same effect. Just make sure there is enough space for farm toys and other larger ones.

Rolling toys in and out

You can roll toys in and out as well. Shelves or carts/caddies with wheels are useful for storing toys and wheeling everything out of the way when the kids are done. A cost efficient cart with shelves is one you can fill with the stackable baskets or toy bins. You will then be able to put them away in a laundry room area or closet.

We supply top tier farm toys and more

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