Use a rack to keep your wellies safe

High quality wellingtons tend not to be on the cheap side. You often pay for what you get here though, so it can be a good investment if you will be wearing them every day for hard agricultural work. With the cost though, it is necessary to look after them in a manner that will let them last a long time. Using a wellington rack will aid you. In this post, we will discuss some of the reasons why you should be using one to store your wellies.

Avoid degradation

The first reason is one of the most important. Using a rack will help to stop your wellies from degrading. Boots you leave alone in a pile on the floor all bent over can crease. It is the same if you leave them inside a cardboard box or bag. Creasing can lead to the rubber weakening. Alternatively, it can start cracking or perish. Even when you have your boots flat on their side, the angle of the foot to the boot on the floor’s length will lead to an area weakening.

Storing your wellingtons hanging from a rack, supported by a boot tree, or stood up is preferable. The entire length of the boot will be free from creases, prolonging the lifespan.

Maintain them

Another reason to use a rack is that it will help you maintain the quality of your footwear. If you expose your wellies to the extremes of cold or heat, or sunlight, the rubber will perish. The best course of action is storing them away during the summer. Putting them on a rack in the boot or utility room or garage will keep them in a suitable setting.

There may be some of you who prefer keeping them in the car ready for your next dog walk. If so, just be aware of those cold winter nights. They won’t like experiencing extreme temperatures.

Give your wellies a home

The next reason is that the rack will give your wellingtons a home. It can put them out of the risk of danger. The worst thing here is finding your boots with a hole in them from something you’ve thrown accidentally or stored incorrectly.

During the pre-work scramble, boots often go missing. By putting them in their rightful place on a rack on the way out, you will spend less time looking and more on working.


Using a rack is also a wonderful way of drying boots following use. It will keep them in a literal position where they can dry off easily. This will avoid folds that could hold water.

It is a good idea to give wellingtons a wash when you finish with them. This is especially important if you do dirty work around manure, slurry, or fertiliser. They can cause nasty streaking and wear away the materials. A rack will help with drying so you don’t accidentally damage them.

Keep the pests at bay

Finally, our last reason in favour of using a wellington rack is to keep the rodents and insects away. They can make their homes in your boots during the night. We are not simply talking about spiders here. There are stories of people finding mice in their wellies as well. Hanging them from a rack is the ideal way of stopping unwanted visitors.

Buy high quality wellingtons and look after them for the best results

At JS Hubbuck Ltd, we have several options available if you want reliable wellies. They include Leon, Purofort, and Vierzonord brands. Each one is made using high quality materials. As long as you look after them, they should serve you well for a long time.

You can browse boots on our website. Or, if you are looking for recommendations, please get in touch.