Farm toys

Where to start with a toy farm?

A toy farm is a really great idea if you want to help your children build their imagination and learn at the same time. But, where do you start with farm toys? There are plenty of different ones to choose from, whether it is animals, buildings, or vehicles. You just need to look around and decide which you want to go with. To help, we want to look at some of the things every good farm should include.


One of the things many children love is vehicles. They can quickly become obsessed with them, especially cars and trucks. The fact they move and can use them to explore means they can easily become favourites. Some can be the foundation for interests in the future.

So, if you are creating a farm you should definitely include some tractors. You can get almost as many different types as you can real ones. They could be fun wooden models or high quality farm toys that are close replicas to the real thing. You can even choose different brands, including the big ones like Massey Ferguson and John Deere.

Machinery, implements, and trailers

Sticking with the subject of vehicles, every farm will need different types of machinery and implements. It could be a combine harvester, a baler, a plough, or even feeder wagons. You may also need a variety of trailers, including ones to carry animals and others for hay or crops.

The best thing to do is look at the type of farm. If it is focusing on growing crops, you need everything for this. On the other hand, if it is livestock you need to focus on that. Some farms have a bit of everything so you can buy all of it.


Farms aren’t complete without the right buildings. In fact, they are some of the most important farm toys. Again you need to keep in mind what type of farm it is. Will you need buildings like barns and stables for animals? What about sheds for tractors and other machinery?

The thing to keep in mind here is scale. You will want to make sure vehicles and animals will fit nicely.


Finally you need to populate the farm with animals. This is a chance to keep it fun and teach the children about all the different types that can be on a farm. You can include everything from cats and dogs to cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses. There are no limitations here, and you could even go with ducks, chickens, or something a little different like alpacas.

Buying the best farm toys

Good quality toys will last a long time and be really beneficial to your children. If you want to create a farm, make sure you choose the right ones. There are some big brands you should look out for specifically, including Bruder and Britains.

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