Winter cleaning for wellies done right

When the winter weather arrives, you will want a sturdy pair of wellingtons on your feet. They will keep you dry and warm. Most people own a pair and know they will come home all muddy and wet. This makes the task of cleaning them an endless slog. However, there are things you can do to make it easy. It will help you keep your boots in top shape too, increasing their lifespan.

We understand that following a relaxing stroll with your dog, a winter walk, or a hard day of farming you won’t want to clean your boots. But, by taking the time to look after your wellies, you will save yourself a lot in the long run. Continue reading to find out the most efficient ways to clean them.

Cleaning the outside

Let’s start by discussing how to clean the outside of wellies. It is something you should do frequently to keep them in good condition. Do some thorough cleaning either fortnightly or weekly. Wiping down after every use is essential as well. This will ensure longevity and keep your footwear looking its best.

To get rid of white film, also called ‘blooming’, you can use a few drops of olive oil. Put it on a dry cloth and rub onto your wellingtons in a circular motion. This is a simple DIY method that gently removes the film whilst keeping the boot safe. Make sure you don’t get any oil on the sole though as the boots will become slippery.

If you need to remove dry mud, choose a solution of one teaspoon’s worth of dish soap plus two cups of warm water. Then you should get a soft-medium brush and scrub off the mud. Alternatively, you can use an old toothbrush if you have to get between the sole’s treads. After you get rid of the mud, wipe using a clean cloth and warm water. You can then leave the wellies to dry. Avoid using direct sunlight for this; it is damaging to the rubber and you can experience cracking or peeling.

It is critical for you to remove the mud ASAP because it will draw the moisture from your boots. This will make them peel, lowering their lifespan. If the mud is stubborn, soak a rag using the above solution and allow it to sit for half an hour. After this, continue cleaning.

Cleaning inside

You will need to clean the inside of your wellingtons too. This is as vital as taking care of the outside. If you are proactive, you can keep the boots in optimum, long-lasting condition. Be extra careful with footwear that is rubber. These boots can be vulnerable to peeling and cracking.

When we need to walk through muddy terrain and puddles, many choose taller boots. They are durable and should be big enough to keep dirt and water out. However, they can make the insides trickier to clean.

The first thing you should do with long wellies is produce a solution of one teaspoon of dishwashing soap or non-bio laundry detergent in two cups of hot water. Get a soft bristled brush or rag and wipe down the inside of your boots. Rinse the solution off with a separate rag and clean water. Create a secondary solution that is a 50:50 ratio of white vinegar and water. Spray the inside lightly to deal with bacteria. Lastly, air dry your boots upside down. You can try stuffing them with newspaper as well to absorb additional moisture. Change the paper until everything is dry.

As for ankle length and other shorter wellingtons, they are easier to clean inside. You can follow the same process above.

Let’s say you have boots that have been in dirty flood water. You can do the extra step of sterilising the interior using a disinfectant spray. When your wellies are dry, you might want to pour in some baking soda. Then, you can leave them overnight to freshen up. Before wearing them again, clear it out.

One important fact is that you should never clean rubber boots using a bleach solution. This will react with the material and damage it.

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