Animal health

Animal health and how it can improve the environment

The climate crisis is a major topic at the moment. There are all kinds of strategies to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impact we have on the planet. Some focus is on reducing meat consumption and moving to plant based diets. However, there is still high demand for meat. So, how do we think about the climate but still hit production targets? A focus on improving animal health could be the perfect solution.

Trust vets

The important thing here is to trust the advice of vets. They can help to make farms more productive and improve efficiency. Animal wellbeing can be the central focus. They can also look at regenerative practices and how they can help.

Disease control is one of the most important factors here. It can reduce losses and also improve production. As part of this farmers should test for diseases more often. The goal should be to eradicate common ones from farms to promote better animal health. Strict bio-security measures are a really good idea too. Plus animals should be up to date with vaccinations.

Drug resistance is also a major concern, especially when it comes to antibiotics. There is a big focus in the UK on reducing their usage. The aim is to ensure that herds don’t become resistant to the medication. Just like humans, taking too many antibiotics can reduce how effective they are at treating illnesses, so it is important to only use them sparingly.

A number of things can help improve antibiotics reliance. Many of them revolve around good husbandry. For example, stocking density, correct nutrition, and ensuring animal sheds have effective ventilation can all improve animal health.


Reproduction is one of the most vital cornerstones of sustainable herds. If farms are more efficient here it can improve productivity, reduce waste, and lower the carbon footprint. Vets have an important role to play in this. They can look at the health and wellbeing of animals, especially during pregnancies. Plus, they can help to look at genetics to get more sustainable and productive animals for herds.

Speak to us about animal health

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