How to look after your wellies to make them last longer

The right wellingtons make agricultural work much easier. Comfortable boots can keep your feet warm and dry in all kinds of settings, no matter the weather. There are also products with extra features like soles to reduce leg fatigue and steel toe caps for more protection. Whatever type you choose though, you need to look after your wellies to make them last longer. It can save you from expensive replacements.

How are they made?

Before we look at what to do, you need to think about how manufacturers create the boots. This can give you an idea of the issues that can happen, and why they occur.

There are two different ways to make wellingtons. Firstly some manufacturers make boots from raw rubber and then use vulcanisation to harden it. The second method involves injecting polyurethane foam into a mould.

You tend to find the biggest issues with rubber wellies. The combination of oxidants, heat, and sun can alter the rubber molecules, creating new, stiffer bonds. This is a known as chain hardening. Because the rubber gets stiffer, it loses flexibility. As a result, when you walk the boots won’t flex as much and can crack or split.

What to do?

There are a number of things you can do to look after your wellies and make sure they last longer. Firstly, you need to ensure you take them off properly. The best option is to use a boot jack to hold them in place so you can just pull your foot out. What you should do is avoid pulling them off using a step or by stepping on the toe with your other foot. Never put excessive stress on joint lines or you may have problems like the sole separating.


Keeping your wellingtons clean is very important too. Many different contaminants can speed up the hardening of the rubber or break down the outer surface of polyurethane. For example, mud, manure, fertiliser, and chemicals can all cause problems. You should get in the habit of rinsing your wellies after every wear.

After rinsing the boots, or wearing them in wet conditions, you should dry them correctly. It is tempting to just leave them outside or put them in front of a fire or heater. However, excessive cold or heat can cause them to crack and split. The best thing to do is dry your boots indoors at room temperature.


Running on from the point above, you also need to store your wellingtons properly. Once again you need to ensure they are safe from extreme temperatures. It is vital to avoid exposing them to excessive sunlight and UV rays. With that in mind, you should be storing them inside away from the windows.

When storing your boots you should also make sure you keep them separate from waterproof clothing. A lot of people leave them tucked in or wrapped together. However, this can keep moisture in. It can lead to the wellies rotting.


On top of this it is also a good idea to treat rubber boots regularly. You can use a silicon spray or lubricant to create a barrier against water, air, and other elements. It will stop them from penetrating into the material, reducing the risk of hardening.

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