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Can toys aid children with learning difficulties?

Play is important for every child. It’s not only enjoyable, this is also how kids of all abilities start learning. Whether it is farm toys, games, or other activities, they are crucial for development.

You might be surprised to hear that straightforward games that we’ve played for generations are rooted in essential development learning. For instance, peekaboo, and hide and seek both teach kids several skills. Examples include object permanence and counting. The latter is the idea something exists even without you perceiving it anymore. Throwing and catching can develop motor skills and hand eye coordination. Hopscotch is responsible for number recognition, motor skills, and early writing skills.

Be it independent play or something alongside a caregiver or other kids, children must have the chances and time to play. However, for those with special education needs and disabilities, free play can present obstacles. Factors like social difficulties, visual/auditory impairments, and accessibility need navigating. Saying this, parents often do a good job at finding ways to make opportunities for play. They supply adaptations necessary for it.

Toys teach us new things

The wonderful thing about most toys is that they try to teach us something new. For kids that have special needs, a carefully chosen toy can provide engaging and fun ways of mastering skills they are having trouble with.

One skill they can develop is fine motor skills. There may be kids finding it difficult to do up buttons on their clothes or holding a pencil. A good idea here would be to give them options of fun fine motor skill activities, such as farm toys. These can help to build strength and develop the muscles in their fingers and hands necessary for these tasks.

Another skill is developing imagination. There are children who like nothing better than to throw themselves into imaginative play. They could be pretending to be farmers, firemen, soldiers, or shop keepers. Imaginative play is able to help kids practice their language and speech skills. What’s more, they can make sense of the world they live in.

For others, imaginative play will be more challenging. It could be that someone is not at that level of play. They might still play with toys in a more functional manner. To give an example, they could be pushing tractors or other toys to watch them move. The important thing here is to give kids the time. Offer them imaginative play chances but don’t put pressure on them. Play is supposed to be enjoyable. Give them the freedom to do it how they want to.

Sensory play

Lastly, there is sensory play. It benefits many children, primarily because it is enjoyable. This is the case for those with and without special needs. It’s a form of play that makes use of the child’s senses, be it touch, taste, sound, smell, or sight. You can make use of farm based toys for sight and smell play here. For those with ASD or sensory processing disorders, it can be therapeutic for them. Those with auditory/visual impairments can also enjoy it as well.

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