Horse feed

Could a hay replacer help your horse?

You might have heard other people discuss feeding a hay replacer and wondered what this is. What we want to do with this post is talk about these products as well as their advantages over other types of horse feed. At the end, you will have a better idea of what it is you are working with and whether you need one.

What is a hay replacer?

To begin with, we should go over what we mean when we say hay replacer. To put it simply, it is a feed that’s specially formulated. Normally, it is a mash. Its purpose is to supplement or replace forage in a horse’s diet. You make them from a mixture of fibrous ingredients. Think soya, beet, and other fibre sources. Fibre is responsible for the micro-organisms in a horse’s hindgut. This in turn releases volatile fatty acids. A horse can use these for energy.

When does a horse need one?

As for what horses need these replacers, veterans are most in need. They often have poor dentition. Dental problems like lost teeth and diastemas means some horses can struggle to chew. As a result, they won’t digest food correctly. Sadly it can lead to gastro-discomfort and weight loss. Early signs of horses struggling to chew are long undigested fibres in stool, foul breath, and quidding.

Some horses are vulnerable to respiratory problems. These can become aggravated by the pollen, mould, or dust in hay. Such conditions can result in discomfort and undermine the animal’s health. A hay replacer could offer you a low-dust alternative. It would minimise the danger of respiratory distress and guarantee the horses are getting sufficient nutrition. This is without compromising their well-being. If you need high quality horse feed, get in touch with us.

What’s more, you can use hay replacers when you have grass in short supply. The horse will get an alternative source of fibre, particularly if they live out every day. Even better, this has the effect of adding variety to your horse’s diet.


Competition horses might struggle to drink when they are not at home. This is particularly true if they have been working a lot. The higher workload and physical exertion can temporarily lower a horse’s desire to drink. Their body is prioritising cooling and preserving hydration. It is doing so through other physiological mechanisms too, like sweating for instance.

Hay replacers are designed to be soaked. So, they increase a horse’s water intake. This can help with stopping dehydration, something that is essential for preserving overall health. It also minimises the risk of complications.

Buy quality horse feed

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