Choose wellies for long hours of work

Wellingtons are one of the best options for footwear if you work on farms or other dirty sites. They can keep your feet and trousers dry and clean, providing protection against water, muck, and more. You can typically wear them for a long time too so they can be great for a full workday. However, you need to think about some key things when choosing wellies. We want to look at them today.


Firstly, the boots must be comfortable. This is the most important factor because you are wearing them for such a long period. If they are uncomfortable, it can cause foot pain, blisters, and other issues. It could even become distracting and make jobs more dangerous.

What you want to do is choose boots with a good sole that will support and cushion your feet. You can even select ones that reduce foot fatigue. These are wellies you can wear day after day for long periods. Plus, ensure they fit properly around ankles and calves; you don’t want these parts to rub and cause sores. Think about the heel size too.


You also need to think about how safe your wellingtons will be. Are you going to be spending long hours around potentially harmful products like fertiliser and other agrichemicals? If so, make sure the material will be able to resist them. Don’t choose boots that will get easily damaged.

It is also a good idea to consider features like reinforced toes. Will you be handling heavy equipment, tools, and machinery? Will you be in close proximity to heavy animals that could stand on your toes? If yes to either, it is a good idea to choose boots with extra protection.

Finally, think about the quality of the tread. Farm settings can get very slippery, whether it is water, mud, manure, or other things. So, you want wellies that will give you a strong grip and good traction in all kinds of settings.

Check ratings and safety codes

When you wear wellingtons for work you have to ensure they will be suitable. They actually class as PPE here because you are using them for working. You should check the boots you are planning to buy will comply with EN ISO 20345:2011.

There are a number of ratings for safety boots to be aware of too. Safety basic (SB) is footwear with simple toe protection. You then have S1 to S5. The first is oil resistant and antistatic. S2 is notable because it means the boots will prevent water penetration. Next, S3 has midsole penetration resistance. S4 means boots will be leak proof. Finally, S5 has the properties of S3 and S4.

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Farming can be a very physically demanding job. So, you need footwear and clothing that will reduce the stress and strain on your body. The right boots are probably the most important thing; you won’t be able to work to the best of your ability if you can’t walk properly because of aches and pains.

If you are trying to find reliable wellingtons for farming, we have a great selection. It includes boots from well known brands. We can also offer advice if you need any help making a choice. You can contact us for help.