Animal feed

Key trends in animal feed for 2024

The expectation is the global animal feed market will grow to exceed £762bn by the end of the decade. A number of things will drive this, such as population growth pushing demand for food and other goods based on animals. At the same time, the demands of consumers are also changing. That includes more demands for sustainability.

Considering all of that, it is a good idea to look at the key trends and the impact they could have. They are things producers as well as end users will need to consider.

Animal welfare

The most crucial trend is a focus on ensuring the wellbeing of animals. It has been a major topic for the last few years. In fact, Governments around the world have been doing more to help farmers such as providing funding for more health checks.

As part of this, consumers are demanding that producers are more transparent with sourcing. They want to be sure the products they buy use ingredients from ethical sources and are safe for animals.


Another massive trend in animal feed is that consumers want producers to operate sustainably. We’ve seen this for the past few years, and it will continue in 2024 and beyond.

A big thing here is producers are being urged to embrace the circular economy. This ensures they think carefully about what they are using and look at alternatives where possible. In addition, they need to look at how they can reduce their carbon footprint when producing feeds.

An interesting opportunity is to look closer to home when sourcing ingredients. It can reduce the carbon footprint dramatically. At the same time, it can make the supply chain more robust and minimise the risk of disruptions. We have seen the impact of this recently because of covid and the war in Ukraine.

Plant based

An interesting trend in animal feed that mirrors the human food market is the demand for more products that use plant based ingredients. There are a number of things that could have impressive nutritional value for animals. For example, yeast extracts can offer immune support. Things like seaweed, legumes, and algae could work well too.

Precision nutrition

There is more focus on AI, data analytics and other new technologies today. They provide opportunities to maximise precision with a variety of products. This can be the case with animal feeds, particularly in terms of the nutritional value. The tech can allow producers to look closely at formulas to ensure there will be sufficient nutrition available for animals.

Supporting immunity

Finally, there is a big push to do more in response to fears about antibiotic resistance. For example, farmers are being urged to be more careful and selective with their use of wormer. This has given rise to a trend for feeds that will provide more non-antibiotic support. As we said above, ingredients like yeast extract could hold the key. They can boost immune support and reduce the need for antibiotics.

Do you want to order animal feed?

JS Hubbuck Ltd appreciates the impact trends can have on things like animal feeds. Consumers have a lot of power here, especially if they stop buying products that don’t satisfy their demands for sustainability and prioritising animal welfare. As a result, producers need to keep an eye on things and adapt in a timely manner.

So, if you want to order quality animal feed, speak to us. We choose products you can have confidence in.