Crucial factors to think about with waterproofs for working

The right clothing is important, especially when you are working. It needs to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. You also need to think about safety, especially with things like loose garments around heavy machinery. If you work outside, you need extra protection against the rain and moisture. Waterproofs will be essential here, ensuring you can continue working in light or heavy rain.

If you need help choosing waterproof clothing for working, there are some crucial factors to look at. Let’s go over them so you can get a better idea of what to consider.


One of the most important things is to ensure you will be able to move properly. Working can get even more hazardous if you have any restrictions on your movement. It can also put more pressure on your body and increase the chance of injuries.

There are two vital factors to keep in mind here; the weight and the stretchability. You want to avoid heavy garments that will make it harder to move. At the same time, you want ones that will stretch as you move.


Secondly, you need to ensure your waterproofs will offer the right level of protection. The actual amount of waterproofing can vary massively. Some garments will only be suitable for light rain. Others will keep you dry even in a heavy downpour.

What you need to look at is how many millimetres of water the material will resist before it soaks through. The higher it is, generally the more protection you will have. Go for high ratings for outdoor work clothes that you could end up relying on for hours in the pouring rain.


A crucial thing for being comfortable when you are working is to ensure you won’t be too sweaty. Sweating goes hand in hand with hard physical work. However, it can get uncomfortable if it stays close to your skin and soaks your clothes.

What you need is breathable materials for your waterproofs. They will let moisture like sweat escape through tiny holes. As a result, it keeps you dry and comfortable. Look for garments that offer breathability and wicking.

A good fit

Finally, you need to ensure products will fit properly. As we said above, loose garments can be very dangerous when you are working. Similarly, if they are too tight and restrictive, you can struggle.

A really good idea here is to choose garments that are adjustable. For example, there could be drawcords or velcro to help you adjust the cuffs, arms, legs, and waist of different products. This means you can ensure a great fit where it feels like each garment was made just for you.

Do you need waterproofs for working?

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