Get your dosing technique right and choosing grouping with cattle

Many farmers are inefficient when they use wormer on cattle. It can cause a number of issues, including building resistance in the animals and wasting money on products when it is not necessary. A change in organisation and application is useful here. It can be beneficial to animals and reduce the overuse of wormers.

Dosing technique

The first thing to look at is how you dose animals. Getting it wrong can result in inaccuracy of doses where cattle don’t get enough. It can also cause high, unnecessary waste.

Ideally what you need to do here is use a livestock crush, race, run or stock. It will hold the animals securely in place so they can’t move around too much. In turn it will make it easier to administer the wormer. This is much better than attempting to use pour on products when animals are loose in pens.

It is important to follow the application instructions for each dewormer. You should also apply them properly. If they are injectable wormers, you must ensure you check whether to give them under the skin or into the muscle. It may be necessary to use head scoops with oral drenches to make application easier.


The best strategy to maximise efficiency would be to weigh every animal individually and then give them a dose to match it. However, in practice that is difficult. It would be very time consuming and require a lot of manpower. That isn’t feasible for the majority of farmers.

An alternative is to group animals roughly by age and size. You can separate them into pens and then take them into the run. The idea is to get groups of animals that will be close in terms of liveweight. You can then choose the dose to suit the heaviest animal in each group.

Do you need wormer for cattle?

At JS Hubbuck Ltd we know how important wormers can be but also appreciate the concerns about overuse, inefficiency and tolerance. We can help clients to address the issues and use them correctly. Most important here is we have a lot of knowledge about the different products. We can therefore provide recommendations on types, how to use them, frequency, and more.

So, if you want any help with wormer for cattle or other animals, please contact us. We are a family run business so you can expect a first rate service from us every time. Plus, we take care to only stock high quality products if you need to buy any wormers.