Animal feed

How can you reduce feed waste and save?

Proper nourishment is vital if you have any kind of livestock. If you take care of your animals and give them good quality animal feed, you will see the rewards in improvements in their health and wellbeing. It will also improve the quality of the meat, milk, eggs, and other products.

However, you need to be careful here. It is important that you manage feed safely and economically. The last thing you want is to spend a huge amount on supplies only to find you have very high waste levels and throw much of it away.

What we want to do here is give you a few important tips on how you can reduce feed waste and save money.

The correct storage

The exact same things apply to animal feed that you do with your own groceries; they will have a longer shelf life if you store them properly. There are some very important things you need to do here. Firstly, you should ensure you store everything in a clean, dry, cool place where it is not in direct sunlight. It can make all the difference.

It is also very important to ensure you have good ventilation where you store the feed. You want to keep the air around it fresh. A very good tip here is to raise the feed up so air can get underneath. It can keep moisture away and increase shelf life.

What you should always remember here is heat and moisture are the two worst things. They can speed up the degradation of feed, including making fats go rancid much faster, breaking down pellets, and encouraging mould to grow. The latter can be especially harmful to cattle and horses.

Ideally you should be storing animal feed in secure containers. This can provide a number of benefits, including improving freshness. The most important though is it can protect it from pests. You want to do this to avoid the loss of whatever they eat and the risk that they will contaminate the feed with bacteria that could cause livestock diseases.


High quality forage is one of the most crucial things if you want to save money on expensive feed. You can grow it yourself or find a reliable grower you can trust. It can then provide the nutrition your livestock needs and you only need to then pay for any additional supplements you may need.

Choose wholegrains

Different types of wholegrain such as corn, oats, and barley are good options because they have a very long shelf life. As a result, you can buy in bulk when the prices are the best. You just need to store it carefully to keep it fresh. You can then use it over time with little risk of losses.


Supplementary animal feed often contains specific nutrients and even some medications at times. What you need to keep in mind is that there will be recommended consumption levels here. You need to ensure you label containers properly so you don’t forget them and accidentally overfeed your livestock. Doing this can result in you spending more than you should. It can even put animals at risk as some nutrients or medications can be toxic in higher doses.

Ordering high quality animal feed

JS Hubbuck Ltd understands how important it is to choose the best quality products for your livestock. We also appreciate when people in the agricultural industry have concerns about costs and losses. We hope the tips above help. Plus, we can offer fast delivery of products so you don’t need to risk keeping as much in stock. It can really help you to be more economical.

So, why not contact us to ask about the animal feed we stock? We can advise you and arrange a delivery if you need to order.