What should you look for in your waterproofs?

Agriculture is still one of the most demanding, labour intensive industries. Anyone working in the industry needs the right gear to do their job safely and in comfort. Waterproofs are a must have, especially in the UK where rain is always a possibility. But, what should you look for when you choose garments? We want to take a quick look at some of the most important features.

They must be waterproof

You can find garments with all kinds of different names, including water and weather resistant. However, what you should be looking for specifically is waterproof. This means the fabric will be truly impervious to water rather than just resistant and taking longer to get wet.

There are some really impressive materials to provide true waterproofing. For example, you can choose garments that combine wool, polyester, PVC, and more. Flexothane is a very good option here. It has a knit base with polyurethane coating to make it 100% waterproof but still warm and supple. Plus, it is tear resistant.

Weight is important

With the demanding nature of agricultural work, it is important that your garments won’t weigh you down. If they are heavy and bulky it can make long hours doing physical work much harder. Plus, it can make some work more dangerous if the heavy clothes limit your ability to move.

What you should be looking for is waterproofs that are light and comfortable. Ideally you want garments that can evenly distribute their weight to reduce fatigue. It is a good idea to choose high quality materials that are waterproof without being very heavy.


Your gear must be tough enough to be able to stand up to rigorous daily use. The last thing you want is to find that after a few uses it is starting to wear and give you less protection. What you should be choosing is well constructed garments that have important features like sealed seams and elastic cuffs. Plus, you want areas like the cuffs and hems to be as tough and durable as possible because they will get the most wear.


Every person is different in terms of what they need from their workwear. Do you want waterproofs with deep pockets and protective flaps or prefer minimalist gear? You should think about what will work best for you and then choose garments that will provide it.

Keeping them clean

Finally, you must consider cleaning. Agriculture is a dirty job where you’ll likely be working around mud, muck, animal feed, bedding, and lots of other things. Not surprisingly, your clothes can get filthy pretty fast. So, you need to make sure they are easy to clean. Some materials are exceptional here because you can clean them easily with water. You should also check washing recommendations.

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