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How do cleaning and disinfecting differ?

One of the most important parts of owning a toy is keeping it clean. This is especially true with things like farm toys that children may play with outside. Cleaning, alongside disinfection, are crucial to preserving healthy and clean toys. People tend to confuse the two though. To help you understand the difference, we’re going to discuss them here. We will also go over how you can use them together to create cleaner items.

How do they work?

Cleaning is when you remove dirt, stains, and debris from something. You do this using water, soap, and other products. The cleaning procedure concentrates on eradicating debris capable of harbouring bacteria and germs. Moreover, it serves the purpose of removing loose dirt you can’t clean away through disinfection. Standard cleans won’t dispose of the most harmful bacteria. Instead, it is more about keeping everything visually clean.

On the other side, disinfection does little in the way of removing the loose debris, dirt, and dust taken care of with cleaning. Instead, it is mainly concerned with killing and eradicating harmful bacteria and germs. Disinfection uses more specialist chemical agents and sprays that are more effective at sanitising surfaces. Sanitising the likes of toys minimises the risk of infection, keeping your kids safer.

Hand in hand

Usually, cleaning and disinfecting go hand in hand to help make something safe and clean. Cleaning aids in prepping the item by getting rid of any loose dirt and clutter. It is possible to do this with many tools such as brushes. Once you’ve cleaned up, disinfecting everything will be far simpler. As a result, your toys will free of bacteria on all levels.

As for sanitising, it is a critical step in preserving a healthy and clean environment. It minimises harmful bacteria and germs found on toys and the like. This is particularly true for bacteria that negatively influence health. These could be illnesses or allergies caused by contamination or infection. It is always preferable to sanitise a toy to keep your kids safe.


With disinfectants, these are chemical substances responsible for eradicating dangerous bacteria. This is bacteria capable of causing infection.

Disinfecting is particularly useful for toys as they’re used many times throughout the day. If children are sharing them, it becomes even more important. The disinfectants make use of chemicals to dispose of germs. They break down the microbe’s protective layers. Also, they destroy the reproductive potential, preventing bacteria from increasing and spreading. This makes it an efficient solution for stopping infections.

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