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What are the ideal horse treats?

Horse owners love offering their animals tasty treats during a bonding moment or as a reward. Similar to humans, horses like the occasional treat. As long as you end up sharing them in the proper ways, they will be fine. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with the horse feed and diet.

With the frequency of your treating, you should remain frugal. Only feed them small quantities. Remain mindful of the size and texture as well. Horses might turn aggressive whilst eating pleasant-smelling treats. This would cause them to chew less and increases the chances of them choking. With all that in mind, let’s go over good options for horse treats.

Sugar cubes

We’ll start with the classic sugar cube. This is the oldest treat in the world of horses. When you use them sparingly, these are a wonderful option. A single sugar cube has around 1 teaspoon or 4 grams of sugar. Moreover, you need to remember that all feeds have starches and sugars. The exceptions are water and oil.


These are another classic horse treat option. Take an apple and cut it into slices rather than feeding it whole. An apple cutter/corer works swiftly and will offer you perfect wedges. Remember that a single medium size apple has roughly 19 grams of sugar. This is equivalent to around 5 sugar cubes. If you need help with horse feed, be sure to let us know.

Orange peel

From apples to oranges, we have orange peel next. Feeding leftover peels has proven popular among horse owners. This particular peel is primarily fibre and several other nutrients. You are best off feeding it in very small quantities.

Peppermint sweets

You might not believe it, but the sweets are safe for your horses to eat. A single round peppermint actually only holds around 3.7 grams of sugar. So, it can be better than sugar cubes.

Integrity feed

You are able to use integrity horse feed as a treat. A small amount will provide the same benefits as other treats. More importantly, your horse is getting balanced food that is disguised as a treat.


Then there are cookies. There are some really great products specifically for horses, including cookies to provide a boost of energy. Be careful with ones made for humans though; they might contain too much sugar.

Horse treats

Dedicated horse treats are also on the list. There is a large number of them on the market today. Like with any feed, ensure you check out the ingredient list alongside the starch and sugar content before buying.

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