More government funding for farming productivity

Our family run business has been aiding the agricultural sector for several decades. We specialise in providing a vast array of goods, from clothing to fertiliser. There is also a range relating to animal health that will prove to be very useful.

Grants for farmers

Government funding with more than £168 million in grants will become available to farmers in 2023. Its purpose is to support food production and improve animal welfare. In addition, it will protect the environment and drive innovation.

Farming Minister Mark Spencer is going to set out how these grants will innovate the industry and drive new technological developments. There is going to be a focus on practical solutions. These are ones capable of advancing food productivity. Also, there will be substantial animal and environmental benefits.

There are a number of interesting things getting support here. One is robotic technology that supports harvesting. Plus, it may include cow mattresses to stop lameness in dairy cattle. There may also be support with handling equipment, and sensors on tractors to measure soil nutrient levels. Furthermore, there could be enhancements to slurry storage and help for farmers so they can restrict their fertiliser usage.

The grants will sit beside the Environmental Land Management schemes. They pay farmers for an array of actions. Examples include managing crop pests without insecticides. Others are planting nectar-rich wildflowers as well as managing hedgerows for wildlife.

The result of animal sickness

Each year, animal sickness results in the loss of thousands of livestock. In turn, this minimises productivity and contributes towards farm emissions. New funding for yearly vet-led health and welfare checks for livestock and money for supporting farmers introducing enhancements following these visits has been announced. This was through the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway.

Taken together, the grants and schemes will aid in delivering long term sustainable food production. Also, they will support farmers in halting and reversing nature decline as set out in the Environmental Improvement Plan.

Today’s funding is part of the commitment by the government to spend roughly £600 million on grants and similar forms of support for farmers to invest in innovation. It is the same for research and development over three years, animal health and welfare, and productivity. The money is funded out of the £2.4 billion annual farming budget. This has been maintained at its present level for the rest of the current parliament.

Government plans for the farming sector

Since the beginning of 2023, the government has laid out detailed plans for the UK farming sector. It aims to support farmers with being resilient and profitable as they create food sustainably. At the same time, they want to improve animal welfare and health, as well as the environment upon which farming relies.

One thing they have done here is set out details on what farmers are going to be paid to deliver via the Countryside Stewardship scheme. Also, it includes accelerating the Sustainable Farming Incentive’s rollout.

Over 2,000 farmers have live agreements now as part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive. Additionally, more than 32,000 farmers have signed up to Countryside Stewardship. This is a 94% increase since 2020.

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