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Should you tuck your waterproofs into your wellies?

Comfort is vital when you work in agriculture. There can be long hours working outside in the wet and cold. In addition, you likely have to deal with messy things like mud, manure, hay, and various chemicals. You need the right clothes here. Waterproofs will be absolutely essential. But, you need to make sure you are wearing them correctly.

One thing people often wonder is whether it is best to tuck trousers into wellies. There are arguments for both sides here. We want to have a look at them both to give you some advice.

Tucking in

The main reason to tuck trousers into boots is it keeps them dry. It will prevent them from dragging on the ground and getting wet in the process. It is a good idea if there has been lots of rain recently and the land is wet and full of puddles. You should also consider it if you need to cross any streams.

Tucking in helps to keep the bottoms clean too. Again this is because it prevents them from touching the ground. In addition, it means any splashes will likely only get on your boots rather than the garments.

Some people also choose to tuck in to reduce the risk of any pests getting in. You might not want certain ones crawling up your legs, especially ticks.

Not tucking in

When it comes to waterproofs in particular, people who don’t tuck in generally do so to avoid issues when it is raining. Tucking in means that water could drip down the trousers and get into your boots. This would be incredibly uncomfortable and working with wet feet for long hours can lead to all kinds of problems.

Some people can’t tuck in because it can get tricky with certain boots. Neoprene wellies can be better than rubber in some cases, especially when you look at durability. However, they can make it harder to tuck trousers in.

What to do?

The best thing to do here is adapt to the conditions. If there is little chance of rain but you need to work on a wet, muddy part of the farm, tucking in can be a good idea. On the other hand, if it is pouring down you may want to leave trousers untucked.

It is a good idea to tuck your trousers in if there is any risk of harmful substances getting on your skin. You want to ensure there is no chance your garments could expose any by riding up as you move or work.

Do you want reliable waterproofs?

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So, if you want waterproofs for any agricultural work, browse our selection or contact us. We are happy to provide tips and recommendations for different jobs.