Top tips for being sustainable with wormer

Farmers need to ensure they think about sustainability in every sense. This includes with resources they use for growing crops and raising animals. If they can be successful here, they can save a huge amount. More importantly, if everyone does it, the whole industry would be much stronger. What we want to look at below is how to be more sustainable with wormer in particular. Worming habitually is wasteful, costly, and potentially damaging if it builds resistance in parasites.

A better option

Sadly many farmers have gotten in the habit of using wormers too flippantly. Some stick to a calendar schedule and deworm like clockwork several times a year. That is inefficient and means animals may be getting treatment when they don’t need it.

The best option is to be more sparing and only use wormer when necessary. There are a number of things you can do here to be more sustainable.

Make stock less vulnerable

Rather than treating parasites, it would be better to address stock vulnerability. If you are effective with immunity boosting and prevention, you can get great results. Ideally, you want disease free stock that have had their vaccinations. These animals will be far less vulnerable and you won’t need to rely on wormers.

Learn about your pastures

Pasture conditions can differ massively. They depend on a number of things, such as the area and which stocks have been grazing where in previous months or years. Some can have a high risk of specific parasites whereas others are safe. What you need to do is put the time in to ensure you know as much as possible about your pastures. You can then manage them effectively so you don’t need to deworm as often.


Many farmers don’t take enough care when it comes to managing bought-in stock and animals that graze elsewhere. The problem here is they can bring in parasites. In the worst cases they can be resistant to different types of wormer. That puts other animals at risk.

The best thing to do here is look at quarantines. Keep brought-in and returning stock on separate pastures. You can then test to check parasite loads. These animals may need a treatment before introducing them.

Sustainability is vital with wormer

At JS Hubbuck Ltd we know the problems with using wormers ineffectively. In some cases it can make pastures unusable because of parasites that are highly resistant. Animals need to be kept away from them as they can result in major health problems and even deaths. It can mean you need to keep animals off a pasture for years.

It is far better to use wormer only when you need it. Plus, you need to vary the products you use instead of relying on specific ones. It will reduce the chance of resistance building.

If you need high quality wormer, you can come to us. We have high quality products and can offer advice about application and maximising efficiency.