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Some horses benefit from low starch, low sugar feed

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when you look at the diet for horses is that each one is unique. No two animals will have the exact same needs. Some will benefit from low starch, low sugar horse feed. We want to look at this today to give you some advice.

Preventing colic

One situation where some people suggest a diet like this is when horses suffer from colic. It is a condition where the horse will have pain in the abdomen. It happens for a number of reasons, including a change in routine or diet, lack of water, stress, and more.

Reducing the starch and sugar in the diet can have a positive impact. What it can do is reduce fermentation and gas production. That can ease pressure on the digestive tract and the pain it can cause.

Tackling ulcers

Another painful condition horses can suffer with is ulcers. Again they can happen for a number of reasons, including diet, environmental or physical stress, and even the use of certain medications.

Feed management and keeping an eye on the type of feed are crucial here. The goal should be to give smaller meals often. It will help to minimise the amount of time when there is no food to digest. This is vital to buffer the stomach acid that horses produce throughout the day. Reducing starch and sugar can help too.

Different stages of life

A horse may benefit from low starch, low sugar horse feed at any time in life. It all depends on their needs and health issues. A good rule though is that young and growing horses may need moderately low levels to help their development. Older horses may need to reduce it even more, especially if they have digestive and metabolic issues.

Activity levels

You should also adapt the levels of starch and sugar in the diet to account for activity levels. Horses that compete in events may benefit from higher quantities to provide the quick bursts of energy. However, older ex competition horses will need to lower the levels for optimal health.

Metabolic conditions

If your horse has conditions such as EPSM or Insulin Resistance, you should adapt their diet. Even if they don’t have these health problems, it may still be a wise decision to reduce starch and sugar. What it can help to do is provide a healthy microbiome in the gut. It will have an impact on overall health and behaviour because it supports the immune system.

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