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The EU feed industry outlook for 2023

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Following a turbulent 2022, with high input costs and major geopolitical tensions, we want to look at what is in store for the feed industry in 2023. It could help people in the industry to prepare.


One notable thing from this year was the global grain rally and the impact of the Ukraine war. This resulted in supply chain shocks and more volatility in the market.

The UN JCC Black Sea agreement and EU Solidarity Lane have been helpful in reducing the shock. However, the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) expects the uncertainty to persist into 2023. There could be extra pressure in 2023 too. This is because there is more competition from the bioenergy industry. It could impact animal feed prices.

A provisional agreement for deforestation

In early December 2022 the EU institutions came to a provisional agreement. This was on the EU deforestation regulation. The development of commodity-specific implementation guidelines from the EU Commission forms part of the agreement. Along with soy supply chain partners, there are still many practical questions. They relate to the exact requirements on proof of compliance.

In 2023, it is expected that there will be more technical discussions to clarify. The hope is it will lead to market recognition of certified soy use as sustainable sourcing.

Plant breeding

There is something else the industry eagerly anticipates. This is the arrival of a long-awaited EU proposal on New Genomic Techniques. Experts are expecting it to come in 2023. The European Feed industry is elevating the usage of NGTs. They are doing so to increase the potential of EU plant protein production.

Stakeholders have marked GMO legislation as not being fit for purpose because of new plant breeding innovations. But, the debate on how the NGT proposal is expected to take us forward shall stay controversial. If you need top tier animal feed products, please speak to our team.

A landmark proposal on circular feed

During the third quarter of 2023 the Commission will also present a landmark proposal on sustainable food options. As part of the animal production value chain, we need to remain conscious that this could mean fresh regulatory obstacles. Animal product consumption is in the balance here. FEFAC will carry on in its work to place circular feed as part of the answer.


Sadly, the modernisation of the EU feed additives legislation may be delayed to 2024. It could be even later than this. But, it will allow more time for innovation and to explore use of the potential feed additives to aid in the transition to livestock systems that are more sustainable.

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