The key details to look at with farming waterproofs

If you work in agriculture you will likely have a wardrobe full of waterproofs. They are essential to ensure you are warm and comfortable when the weather is bad. Plus, they provide protection when you are doing any jobs that involve water or other liquids. But, do you know what key details you should be looking for with garments? We want to look at them below to help you choose the right ones.


Waterproof materials can be excellent at keeping you dry and warm. However, some garments suffer because of the seams. They can be weak points where water could seep through. Plus, they can literally come apart with some inferior products.

What you should be looking for here is sealed seams. They provide extra protection against moisture and wind. Welded ones can be really good because they can also make waterproofs tougher so they last longer.


The zip is the other main weak point of a garment. It also experiences the most strain from repeated tugs and pulls. A weak, low quality zip could become an issue quite quickly. Instead you should look for tough, durable zips that will last. It is also wise to make sure they are robust and easy to grip.


Loose cuffs can cause problems in agriculture for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a danger they could catch in equipment or tools. That could result in serious injury. On top of that, water and other liquids could get up your sleeves. Rather than risk these problems, you should look at garments with velcro cuffs you can adjust to get a comfortable fit every time. You can even loosen them in warmer weather.


There are lots of dark hours when you work in agriculture, including early mornings and late winter nights. Plus, you could be working in settings where there are obstacles like machinery, hedges, and even livestock that further limit visibility. To maximise safety it is a good idea to choose waterproofs with high vis details.

Adjustable hood

Protecting your head from rain and the wind is very important. A hood is really useful, but you need to make sure it has a crucial feature. A draw string will help you to get a nice fit. You can also tighten it further if it is especially windy and there is a risk of it blowing off.

The right pockets

Your garments will need plenty of places for you to store the items you need to carry when you are working. This can include small tools, keys for machinery, and even a phone. Again not any kind of pocket will do. What you need is to ensure they are deep enough and angle to give you easy access. Plus, they should have a protective flap with a fastener to keep water out.

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