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What age do babies begin playing with toys?

We are a family-run agricultural business that has been around for more than seven decades. Our job is to ensure you have everything you need to take care of your work and animals. Additionally, we have some extra items in store, like farm toys. They will keep the kids happy while you are busy, and can teach them vital life skills.

Despite the danger of stepping on something small, there are advantages to having baby toys around your home. They can be a wonderful way for a child to develop and learn as they grow. They are going to discover a lot about the world. When babies really begin playing with toys, they will be able to keep themselves busy. However, you must ask yourself when does your baby start properly playing with toys rather than simply throwing them around? In this post, we are going to have a closer look.

Showing interest early on

Babies will probably begin showing an interest in toys during the initial months of their lives. When they develop, they’ll start with giggling, smiling, and noticing their feet and hands. In time they will realise they control their hands closing and opening.

At roughly three to four months, babies realise their hands are able to grab and pick up items. During this stage, they will begin reaching for things. They will go after the objects that grab their attention. Babies get especially captivated by brightly coloured toys. It is the same for books with textures and noisy rattles.

Still, babies need a few more months before they really start liking and remembering the objects they are playing with. They won’t begin choosing favourites until roughly five to seven months old. It is here where they start developing attachments. They also enter the stage of object permanence. This is the concept of understanding that if an item is out of their sight, it does not mean it is permanently gone.

During this stage, we start seeing kids attaching themselves to particular toys. It is not unheard of for these to become their allies, travelling with them wherever they go. If you are interested in getting some farm toys for your children, let us know.

Help with development

You might begin to notice your child spending more of their time playing with toys. If you are, this is a good sign. Toys aren’t merely something for babies to play with. They help with their development in fine and gross motor skills. As they learn about the ways they can interact with objects, they’ll start developing them.

In addition, toys help with healthy mental, social, physical, and emotional growth. They can learn social and problem solving skills. Most importantly, they will continue to interact with the world around them.

The ideal toys depend on age

Finding the ideal toys for your children will come down to their age. For babies between 0 and 3 months, you should prioritise something simple. This includes ones that play music or make noise so they can start tracking sounds.

Between four and six months, prioritise soft, safe, bright toys that they will find interesting to look at. These should also be ones that are simple to grab and hold onto.

With kids aged from six to nine months, go for toys that make sounds and possess textures. These need to be safe at the same time just in case the babies stick them in their mouths. Baby-safe mirrors are also great at this age.

Finally, from nine to twelve months, let babies have interactive toys. They will teach them that playtime is fun and social.

Farm toys are a great choice

At JS Hubbuck Ltd, we have some really high quality toys available for you to purchase. They include the Bruder bale wrapper with round bales and lemken semi mounted reversible plough. They accurately represent the real life machinery, making them a really great choice if you want children to learn while they play. You can find out more about them on our website or contact us.

If you are thinking about farm toys, please remember to choose ones that are age appropriate. Always make sure you check for small parts and other hazards.